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Top 5 ways to find affordable art

It is always fun to find a bargain, and art purchases are no different. Here are our top tips to finding affordable art.

Butterfly Rainbow by Damien Hirst - limited edition giclee on aluminum composite, released during the Covid Pandemic of 2020 to support the NHS

  1. Direct from artist. This is the best way. You are sure you're paying the right amount, and that the money is going directly to the artist, supporting them to make more art.

  2. Editioned Multiples. Original art is usually more expensive. Signed or unsigned prints are usually more affordable. Prices vary dpending on the number of copies made (edition size), the reputation of the artist, their polificity, how old the prints are and, of course, whether the artist is still alive. Artists who have passed away are not going to be making any more art.

  3. Art festivals. The Art Car Boot Fair is an example of an annual event in the UK when accomplished artists release affordable artworks in limited quantities to help create excitement and engagement with neophytes and collectors alike.

  4. Charitable causes. The rainbow image on this page is an example of an affordable editioned multiple relesed by Damien Hirst during the 2020 Covid Pandemic, to benefit the NHS. Such charitable causes are frequently promoted on Instagram directly by the artist or their gallery. Follow artists on Instagram and stay alert for such releases.

  5. Artist Artefacts. Artwork touched by the artist is the most valuable. This is why calendar prints of art published en masse every year are never premium priced. A number of artefacts of artists contain their artwork, and their signature, as proof of their having touched the artwork. Such examples are autographed postcards and signed exhibition posters.


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