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Buying art - the new normal

"Fame", by Christian Furr

With the pandemic having a huge impact on the arts, artists need your patronage now, more than ever. Galleries are closed, and exhibitions have been suspended. We were supposed to visit a Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the tate during the first lockdown, and a Damient Hirst exhibition at the Newport Gallery during this third lockdown. So much for plans.

Naturally, most art sales have moved online. It is no longer possible to visit galleries, see the piece for real, and how it interacts with the light. This comes with a huge upside and a bit of a downside.

First the downside - the online experience is never fully accurate as colours can look different depending on the processing of the image before upload, and the rendering of colours by different monitors and displays. This is not a huge problem though, as modern technology does offer close to true colours. While you can expect to see a small variation in colour between the screen and the real versions of the artwork, it is unlikely to be material.

Now the upside. Shopping online means a huge selection of art - where galleries have traditionally focused on a smaller selection of art and artists. It also means you can go direct to the artist, which in turn means more of your money goes directly towards supporting the artist. You also have a wide choice of secure payment methods, including interest free instalments, on the artist website.

So, go ahead, enjoy the universe of art that sits at your fingertips!


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